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Service Description Rate
Initial script review  I will read your screenplay and write an in-depth critique and analysis of it. I will provide you with an entirely subjective evaluation of the plotting, narrative, dramatic structure, characterizations, dialogue, originality, marketability, and whatever else I deem appropriate in discussing your work. I will offer specific suggestions about how you might improve your screenplay.  

US$500 for an English language screenplay in standard industry format (Courier 12 point, margins no less than one inch) for up to 120 pages.* An additional US$5 per page for each additional page.

*Yes, there is a penalty for being long- winded! No one ever reads screenplays for pleasure; and everyone ALWAYS turns to the last page to see how long the agony is going to last.

Script rewrite review I will evaluate your rewrite if you rewrite a screenplay that I have already analyzed. US$250, with the same conditions as above regarding format and length.
Phone consultation I will arrange a telephone consultation with you regarding my evaluation of your work.  To be negotiated.
Personal consultation  I may want to meet YOU in person, because I wish I'D written your screenplay and want to help produce it...this is how FALLING DOWN came to be. To be negotiated.

Send me an e-mail which includes your name, address, phone number, the title of the screenplay you wish to submit, and the number of pages. I will confirm your request and the price for ScriptMaven's services via e-mail. I'll also give you an estimate of my time schedule.

Print the submission Release Agreement/Contract or, if you prefer, request that I mail it to you.

Mail your screenplay, a signed copy of the Contract/Submission Release Agreement, and a check or money order payable to ScriptMaven for the full amount of services to: Script Maven, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #612, Hollywood, CA 90028. If you send a personal check, ScriptMaven will not commence services until your check clears. 

I'll let you know by e-mail when and if it does or doesn't. Include a self-addressed stamped screenplay-sized envelope if you want me to return your script. 

ScriptMaven will mail you the analysis, at my expense.

ScriptMaven reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason whatsoever. If payment has been submitted and I refuse the submission, I will return your payment in full. Prices are subject to change, with notice.


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